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Let the flipping begin

So it has been about 18 months since I started teaching and man have I learned a lot. My biggest issue / area of growth is in differentiating my instruction for the diverse population of students that I teach. As a tech coordinator, I helped many teachers flip there classrooms but I believe a mix […]

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5 Ways To Spot a Phishing Campaign

Every day in my classroom we talk about current events that are going on in the cybersecurity world. Many times these current events have to do with data breaches or data leaks that end up costing companies millions of dollars to clean up. As a class, we dissect these breaches using threat detection software, and […]

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I Do Solemnly Swear

After about a month of paperwork and about two years of focusing on my health and fitness by taking a natural fat burner, today I swore into the Ohio Army National Guard. Ever since I was in High School, serving my country was something that I always wanted to do and since I was close […]

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