My name is TJ Houston. First and foremost I am a lifelong learner. As you can see by the header I am passionate about 3 things. Leadership, Educating, and Photography. This blog is an extension of those things and hopefully, you will find something here that saves you time or makes your life easier! I live in Nova, Ohio with my lovely wife Ashley and crazy German Sheppard Jynx.


My career has taken me to many places and provided me with very unique experiences that have made me into the leader I am today. My full-time career is with Panasonic North America where I am the Midwest Technical Service Representative. In this role, I am in charge of our training delivery team of about 4 employees across the midwest and east coast. I am often looked at as an agent of change as my personality lends itself well to adapting to the changes around me. I do a lot of reading and you can see my recommendations for books here!


I have worked as an educator my entire career and I really do enjoy that moment when someone finally understands something. I thrive for that moment when someone “gets it” or has that “aha” moment. I am a lifelong learner that loves helping other lifelong learners.


In the past, I ran a photography studio in Nova Ohio where I photographed over 500 seniors, weddings, and events in mid-Ohio over the last 10 years. Now I love travel photography and landscape work as I travel for my career over 150 days a year. I am currently working towards my craftsman degree from PPA and I am the past President of the Akron Society of Professional Photographers. You can see my work on Instagram as well as on my site under portfolio.