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Creating Google Account Backup Codes

August 17, 2022

Recently I found myself in a situation in which I was unable to have my mobile device so I was unable to sign in to my Google account. Due to 2FA using my mobile device as a second token I was unable to gain access to my account. At first glance you may think that the best option is turning off multi-factor authentication but in this day and age, that is not at all the best option. Instead, Google has planned for these types of events and has a system in place to get your backup codes. In this post, I take you through the process of creating your Google backup codes so you can login when you don’t have access to your secondary device / token. 

Creating Backup Codes

To get started, click on your account image on the top right side of your screen and choose “Manage your Google Account”

On the next screen you will be presented with different options to manage your account. On the left hand side click on “Security”

On the next page you will need to scroll down to the area where it says “2-Step Verification”

Once you click on “2-Step Verification” you will be taken to another login screen. Enter your credentials.  

After your credentials are authenticated, you will be presented with different options to set up as your backup in case your options aren’t available. In order to download our codes, click on the option for “Backup Codes”

On the next page, click the button that says “Get Backup Codes”

On the next page you will see 10 codes that you can download as a text document or get a printable document. 


When you login to your account after creating your codes, you will be presented with the options for multi-factor authentication. On the bottom of the screen click on the option for “Try another way” 

On the next page click on the option to “Enter one of your 8-digit backup codes”

On the next screen, enter one of your backup codes and you will be able to login without your device. If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to reach out!