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Tech Tuesday, March 29th 2022

March 29, 2022

Each and every Tuesday I share some of my favorite EdTech tools I find useful as well as articles that can help teachers spice up their classrooms!

As some of you know I now work in a career tech setting as a cyber security instructor. For that reason, many of these posts will be geared toward the career tech environment. If you have any struggles or you would like to brainstorm ideas for your classroom you can always feel free to reach out!

Cybrary Man

If there was only one website that I could recommend for ed-tech it would be my friend Jerry’s website, This website is a GOLD mine when it comes to Ed-Tech and teaching resources in general. If you are looking for ways to integrate a certain technology or you need ideas for lessons for the month, Jerry has cataloged it for you on an easy-to-access website!

Educational Websites (

SAMR Model

SAMR Model pulled from

So this is not necessarily a tool that you can instantly shove into your curriculum but more of a methodology when it comes to technology integration. SAMR is the steps that you take as you start to integrate tech into your classroom. From starting out and substituting what you have always done to total replacement of what you are doing, SAMR is a great model to follow and ease your way into the world of tech! I found a great ebook on the SAMR model and you can find it here: SAMR_Article_ebook-resources.pdf (


Do you suck at making graphics for your lessons? Are you constantly scrolling through teachers pay teachers for things to spice up your classroom? What if I told you there is a great tool out there that can make you look like an absolute boss when it comes to making graphics for your lectures or for your next interactive whiteboard lesson? Look no further than Canva. Canva is a web-based tool (yes it works great on Chromebooks) that allows you to create a plethora of different graphics with some awesome high-quality templates. As a marketer, I used Canva all the time to build Facebook graphics, Twitter graphics, and even super professional presentations. What’s even better is it is FREE! and I have a saying,

If it’s free, its for me!

Check it out at

Sync Progressbook with Google Classroom

I don’t know about you but one of the things I despise as an educator is grading assignments. What is even worse is when you have to do it in multiple places. I run my entire classroom from Google classroom since we are 1:1 with Chromebooks. We also use Progressbook to do all of our administrative tasks like grade cards. I was clicking around Progressbook one day when I noticed there was an option to sync the two together. Here is a video that will walk you through how to do just that!

Newish Feature In Google Chrome: Google Reading List

Recently (last March) Google released a new tool that is great for teachers especially when you are researching ideas for a lesson. It’s called Google Reading list. Let’s say you are at home over the weekend and you find this awesome article that would be perfect to cover the french revolution. You could bookmark the page but you know you are only going to use it for that one lesson. That is where I see a great use for the Google Reading List. For a quick overview of the reading list and how it works check out this website!