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My Favorite Cable Organizers for Travel.

October 8, 2018

When on the road I try my best to stay organized. I have found that one of the biggest issues I face is keeping cables and cords untangled and easy to find. Over the last few weeks, I have finally found a solution that makes my life much easier! Continue on to read more about the BUBM travel organizer.

My previous system for organizing cables was trying to keep cables separate from dongles in my bag by utilizing different pockets. This was a bit of a nightmare, especially when trying to locate a specific cable. That all changed when I stumbled upon the BUBM line of cable organizers. Since using the BUBM cable organizers I now have a system that allows me to know where every cable is and keeps all of my cables untangled. This is seriously a road warrior’s dream come true.  

“The Daily Carry”


When I dumped all of my cables onto the table, I noticed that most of them fell into 2 categories. A lot of the cables were very specific and I only used them 10-20% of the time. The other pile was stuff that I used almost daily. So I started searching around for an organizer that would be lightweight, small and would keep everything nice and neat. That is when I stumbled upon the BUBM line of products and specifically the Electronics Accessories Travel Organizer

Pro Tip: Dump all of the cables you carry out on your kitchen table and separate them into two piles (cables you always use & I might use this cable). This exercise helps you to be more organized but it also helps you get rid of any duplicates you may have. 

The reason this organizer is perfect is that it doesn’t take up a ton of space in my bag. Another benefit of the size is the fact that it can fit into almost any bag. When I go hiking I take a different bag then when I am going into a client meeting. With all of my cords in once place I just toss it in and know that I am going to be prepared. 

“The Checked Luggage”


I call this bag the “Checked Luggage” because this houses all of my other cables that I don’t use as often but need from time to time. This bag stays in the bag with my clothes, toiletries and other travel items. When I separated my cables I realized I was taking these cables everywhere and it wasn’t necessary. 

This travel organizer is much larger and can hold a lot more cables and gadgets. The mesh pocket in this organizer is great for small dangles and adapters and even some spare change. The larger form factor also allows for larger cables and larger adapters such as full size HDMI cables. You can find the larger version here

Video Review

I made a short video talking about the two organizers so you got a better feel for what they can do for you.


These two products (The Daily Carry & The Checked Bag) have made my life so much easier while traveling. Keeping my cables and gadgets organized has saved me a lot of time and has made traveling much more pleasant. 

Do you have a favorite piece of travel gear or a super secret ninja organizing technique? If so share it in the comments below! I am always looking for new products that make my life easier. 

Back on the road.

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