A Black and White walk through Martins Fantasy Island with the PEN-f and 17mm

July 25, 2017

Recently I picked up a few Olympus cameras to try out. I purchased both the EM1-II and the PEN-F. The PEN is nice and small and when paired with the 17mm something magical happens. Walk with me and my family through the amusement park in black and white.

When I picked these up I assumed I would use the EM1 all the time and much like my a6500 the rangefinder would be my backup. I couldn’t be more wrong. There is something about the design of this camera that makes you want to shoot with it. I know that sounds weird but the feel, the design, the creative color modes just inspire you to create and be different. Here are a few of my favorite images from a recent visit to Martins Fantasy Island with my family.