Up your #Hashtag game with FocalMark

March 19, 2017

A few months ago I stumbled across a super useful app that helped me up my hashtag game. No longer do I have to continually try to research what the best hashtags are for my images. Instead, I let the app Ninjas over at FocalMark do all of the hardwork for me.

So the way that the app works is it helps you narrow down your niche with a few different screens to give you the best performing hashtags in that area. It starts with asking if your image will hit multiple categories or just one. Most of the time I choose just a single category.

After you choose single or multiple it takes you to the style screen. This is where you choose what type of photo it is for example, wedding, black and white, portrait, etc.

After you choose the style of the photo, you can choose a location where the image was photographed. Since I am in rural Ohio I skip this screen usually. If you are in a bigger city chances are you will have better results.

After you choose the city, you can choose what camera system. They just recently added this screen and I am so glad they did. It makes my life MUCH easier.

Finally we are at the end where you can move the slider to get the number of hashtags you need and you can copy them right to insta!

Hopefully you find this tool as useful as I do and you can bring your Instagram game up to pro level.
You can find focalmark on the Google Play store here and also in the Apple App store  and it also works as just a web application.