How I saved over 2 hours a week on email.

March 29, 2017

I was looking for ways to minimize all of the notifications I get on a daily basis and I stumbled across an amazing free app that has saved me over 2 hours a week on email alone. In the case of email, less is definitely more! 

In the video below I will take you through how to use unroll.me. Unroll.me is a free application that scans your inbox for all of the email lists you have subscribed to. It then lists all of the subscriptions and gives you a choice on how you want to handle them.

Leave in Inbox

If you choose to leave the email in the inbox, it does just that. No change happens. I left all important notifications like my bank notifications, server downtime notifications, and emails that I read on a daily basis.

Add To Roll Up

This is my favorite feature of all. Unroll.me takes all of the items that you add to the roll up and creates a daily digest email. This allows me to quickly scan through a single email and choose what I want to read.


Finally, a tool that lets me easily unsubscribe from unwanted emails in one place.

Another great feature of the service is in the daily roll up it will do another scan so if you happen to sign up for another email it will let you separate it into the action that you prefer.

Hopefully, you find this tool as useful as I have and get some time back in your life and minimize the distractions in your daily life!