Wirelessly tether your Sony to your Mac, PC, or even Linux for Free!

February 28, 2017

Recently I have been on a search to wirelessly tether my Sony Mirrorless cameras to my Mac and PC. As I was searching I stumbled upon a feature rich software that allows you full control and live view from your computer without being physically tethered by a cable. I tested it during a session last night and it worked like a charm. I created a quick tutorial below to take you through the steps to get it working in your studio!

Note: This software will work with Mac, PC, Android and IOS. The software will also work with Nikon, Canon and Sony. 


The software we are using is called DSLR Dashboard. If you want to read about the software here is a link to the manual.


To get started head over to the DSLR Dashboard website and click on downloads.


Scroll down until you find your computer type

Install Software

Once it is downloaded simply double click on the file and install the software.


Note: On mac you may need to change your security settings to allow the app to run. 



After you get the application installed, open QDSLRController.

Camera Setup

On your Sony, go to the application menu and click on “Applications List” then select Smart Remote Embedded.

The Smart Remote Embedded app will start up the wireless access point and show you the SSID and Password for the camera.










On your computer head to the wireless settings and select the SSID of your camera and enter the password displayed on the back of your camera.





Once you connect to the camera, you should see the camera switch to live view. Back on the computer, open the DSLR controller application and click on the Sony icon at the top.

You are now all ready to go! Below is a step by step video that walks you through how to do everything I shared above. Let me know if you have any questions! I am here to help.