Pardon my dust.

January 12, 2017

It is a season for resolutions and new beginnings. This is a post of reflections, ideas, and updates of where this blog is going and what I am focused on. I want to start with an apology. I used to post regularly helping educators and technologists do their jobs better. I want to get back to that. I want to help. I want to be that blogger you can lean on and depend on. Here’s how I plan to do that. 

Over the last few years I have created a website for every little idea I had. What I didn’t realize was it was diluting my brand and what I wanted to stand for on the internet. Like I said before I want to be someone that you can ask questions someone that is here for you someone who shares. That’s what I am committed to doing. I have moved a few podcasts and other content I created over the last few months to the site and I hope you enjoy.