Shooting The Championship Football Game with #SonyAlpha Mirrorless

December 5, 2015


On Friday evening I was fortunate enough to score a media pass for the OHSAA Division 2 championship game at The Ohio State Stadium. The game was a bit of a blowout but one player on the field that really pulled through was the Sony Alpha a7. For everyone out there that says mirrorless isn’t for sports or you can’t do professional work with a mirrorless, I hate to say it but you are wrong! Take a look at the images I captured from the game!

Now that I have your attention I wanted to clarify a few things.

  1. This is a really well lit field which meant I could keep my shutter speed up high. Your mileage may very!
  2. They Sony system is almost there when it comes to focus and capturing several frames per second.
  3. The glass lineup for Sony still continues to be a limitation. I found myself moving all night to stay in range of the play. When I shot the 7D & 300mm combo, I definitely did not have to move as much as I did on Friday.
  4. These images have only been cropped and color corrected on the iPad. No other work has been done to the images unless noted!
  5. The whole game was shot with a 70-200 and the Sony Alpha a7.


I will say that I was pleasantly surprised on how well the Sony Alpha a7 kept up. It is a totally different experience watching the shots roll through the viewfinder instead of having to wait and chimp after a play is over. I feel like we are on the verge of something great with the new improvements that Sony keeps pushing out. Once again this game re-affirms my love for Sony and my choice to switch.

If you have any questions about Sony or any of the above shots feel free to reach out to me tj@tjshots.com!