How I post sneak peaks DURING my sessions. #workless #mobile

November 18, 2015


If you have been following me on Instagram or social media you will see I have been posting a lot of pics live from my sessions and my weddings. This has been one of the big reasons that I have transitioned to mirrorless for my primary cameras. My goal was to be closer to my clients and be apart of the events that were unfolding around me. Posting to social media from the shoot is one way that I can do that!  Recently a fellow photographer asked what my workflow was to be able to do that so quick. So I thought I would share!


Note these instructions are what I do on my iPad and iPhone.  You can do almost the same thing if you have an Android device.

The first step is to get the image to your camera.

Option 1: Built in Wifi / App


Most manufactures will offer an app if your camera has wifi built in. I use the play memories app from Sony here are links to a few of the other manufacturers.

If your camera does not have wifi but has SD you could use wireless SD cards such as these:

If you only have CF on your camera the final option is to use something like Camranger or the more costly Manfrotto Digital Director or if you are an android user and like tinkering you can make your own wireless bridge by following this guide.

Post Processing 


Once you have your image on your device its time to do some editing. Here are 5 of my favorite apps for editing your mobile images:

Now that you have your masterpiece complete its time to add your watermark. To add my watermark I use the app PhotoGene (link above!)



Note: If you want to use a graphical watermark you will need to have that watermark on your device prior to going through these steps

Once you are in PhotoGene, select the export button which is in the bottom right corner of the app.

From there you will see an option for watermark. If you are using an image for your watermark tap where it says select image and choose your watermark from your photo library.

If you are using text only, simply click text and enter your name or business name.

If you scroll down you can adjust the size and location of your watermark on your image. Once you have it just right simply click “Save to Library”


IMG_0299 IMG_0300 IMG_0301  IMG_0303


Once your image is in your library you can share it to all of your favorite social media sites! The first few times it will be a bit cumbersome but after you do it a few times you will breeze right through it. My seniors absolutely love it when I post from their sessions and so do their parents. It really adds to the excitement!


If you have any questions or need help feel free to email me at tj@tjshots.com!