Review: PhotoVia, take your workflow on the road!

September 30, 2015

OnOne is a software development company that focuses on improving your life as a photographer. They have a great suite of tools for Mac & PC  and they are constantly making better and faster improvements. As I was checking out the new version of the On1 Photo 10 I stumbled upon their mobile app section and downloaded their Photovia app. What a time saver! Think of lightroom mobile but better. Continue reading to see how I shaved a ton of time off of my workflow.

Screenshot 2015-09-09 21.18.08

I am always looking for ways to shorten the time it takes me to get photos back to my clients. For the last few shoots I have used Photovia to do my culling and it has been a very enjoyable experience. So let’s talk about how the software works. There is a small plugin that runs within Lightroom that syncs small versions of your images with Google Drive. The other half is a mobile app that runs on IOS that also syncs with Google drive and everything stays in sync. It’s fast, it works, and it’s low cost!

*Note: One of the reasons I went with this over the stock Adobe Lightroom for IOS is because I create a separate catalogs for each job. I have done this to keep Lightroom clean and organised and fast. The PhotoVia plugin runs independently within each catalog so it fits into my workflow perfectly!

Computer Installation:

To get started head over to On1’s website and download the Lightroom Plugin.


  1. Download and install the PhotoVia Lightroom plug-in.
  2. Open Adobe Lightroom and go to File > Plug-in Manager.
  3. Enable the PhotoVia plug-in.
  4. Navigate to the Publish Services pane and click Setup.
  5. Authorize your Google Drive account.
  6. Select the conditions for photos you wish to publish.

IOS Installation:

Once you have the Lightroom plugin installed head over to the appstore and download their mobile app ($3.99 at time of writing). Click on the button below to open on your mobile devic


Once you get to the app you simply login with your Google Account


After you enter your credentials you will need to click the allow button to finish setting up syncing.

IMG_0011When you login you will see all of the catalogs on the left hand side and thumbnails of your images on the right.


When you click on one of the thumbnails, you will be presented with the ability to rate your image, flag your image or share right to Instagram and other services. This is great if you are uploading images while at the reception to quickly and easily share out to social media! Also under the share options is Twitter, Smugmug, and any other app that can handle image files. Besides just sharing you can also easily copy the file to another app on your device as seen below!


Although Instagram has now started to allow the use of rectangular images you may still want to post them as a square. Photovia gives you two options to add a border around your image, black as seen below.


And also white:


As you are going through your images if you drag up from the bottom area you can see all of the info about the settings for the image. If you look below you can see when the image was taken, at what focal length and all of the exposure information.


All and all this is a pretty spectacular app! There is only one feature that I wish it had and that would be the ability to add images from the iPad and sync back to the Lightroom collection. This would be great if you use your IOS device for making collages or using any of the many IOS photo editing apps that are available.

Great work onOne. I love your stuff and thanks for saving me time!

If you do decide to purchase any On1 software, I would love it if you used my affiliate code so I can keep this website going 🙂 http://www.on1.com/affiliates/idevaffiliate.php?id=636

If you have any questions feel free to email me at tj (at) tjshots.com