5 deal sites for photographers to save some $$$

September 1, 2015




Today I wanted to share some of my favorite deal sites for photographers. I have saved a punch of $ by signing up for these sites. They have everything from actions to presets, template downloads and many more! If there are others I forgot please leave it in the comments!


SnapnDeals offers deals that expire at different times. As of writing they have 3 deals going right now.  Make sure you jump on the deals when they first email you if you are interested so you don’t miss out.


PhotoDough attracts some pretty good authors and people that do marketing sets. If you are looking to make yourself look a little better in the marketplace definately take a look!


Flash Mob Cartel was the first deal site that I can remember that had deals. Some of the better deals (especially on hardware) are on FBC.


Photo Deal Cafe has a lot of great deals. I have found that there is a lot of educational resources that are pretty inexpensive.

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BP4U is a great site with tons of educational material and some great welcome guides and posing guides etc. They almost always run a 95% off sale. Definately worth signing up for!