Change the #Lightroom CC Splash Screen to match your brand!

June 16, 2015


Myself and many other photographers utilize Lightroom CC as their method of previewing and ordering photos with clients. I will go more in depth in how I utilize lightroom in all aspects of my workflow in another post. Today I wanted to share how you can customize the splash screen for Lightroom  so they match your brand!

Having a cohesive brand image across your business is key to looking professional. Follow the steps below to customize your Lightroom splash screen!

The first step is to create your splash screen image. For this example I created a 900 x 600, 300 DPI image in Photoshop as you can see here:


You can use your images that you have, or your logo, anything that fits into the 900 x 600px image.

The next step is to navigate to the presets folder on your machine. The easiest way to do this is click Edit -> Preferences -> Presets and then click the “Show presets folder” button as seen below:


Within this folder you should create a folder named “Splash Screen”


Drop your splash screen image into this folder.

After you have done this, simply close Lightroom and open it again! You should now see your new splash screen image!

If you have any issues feel free to contact me at tj@tjshots.com