Quick Tip: Showing value in your donations

March 23, 2015

paid-invoice-1152597-mMany of us donate a lot of time, effort and sometimes even materials to different groups and organizations. For example my studio right now is being BOMBARDED with requests for post prom giveaways which is awesome because that is my target demographic for my seniors. Here is what I do to get the appreciation I deserve!

I belive I got this idea from one of my mentors Brent Watkins of Sylvart Studio’s. What Brent does is invoice his clients at the end of the year with all of the hours that he has donated with a balance due of 0.

Doing so does 2 things, one it shows the organization how much work you have done for them and that helps them quantify your dedication to them as an organization. Second, this is a great way come tax time to have an easy to reference to your donations that you have made to help with the write off column in uncle sams spreadsheet 🙂

Hope this quick tip helps you to get the appreciation you deserve.