#ohedchat #craftedu Meetup Reflection / Wake Up Call

July 1, 2013

On June 29th educators from all over Ohio came to meet at COSI to discuss topics that are currently affecting education. These topics ranged from the SLO’s to OTES & OPES to technology. The event was organized by a team of educators from around Ohio including Stacy Hawthorne (@medinaTech), Jeremy Evens (@JR_evans) and Christina Hank  (@ChristinaHank) and Christina the venue at COSI was secured by  State Impact Ohio. Hats off to the group for putting together a great event!

 These events, much like edcamps are a great way to learn from fellow educators with just in time learning. Throughout the event there was a great feeling of cohesiveness.

Here are a few of my take aways,

The Common Core State Standards are a good thing for Ohio schools, especially rural districts. A level playing field is a good thing.

Do something, anything, don’t be afraid to experiment. Do mindlessly follow traditional ways of educating kids.

Adapt your classroom to your students needs.

Give teachers autonomy over their classrooms.

It seems like OTES is judging a book by its cover.

Front Channel > Back Channel

Books to read:

  • Why women should rule the world?
  • Lean In


Afterwards a group of 18 educators made their way over to Columbus Brewing for the 4th volume of #craftedu. Great food, Great Conversations, and Great Beer.


So the wake up call of this post… For the last few months I have to admit I have not been on my A game. I want to start by apologizing. I apologize to my teachers for not giving %110 that I did when I got started. I apologize to my PLN for not chiming in and helping as much as I should have. I apologize to readers of this blog for not posting as much. I am sure I could go through and list excuses like buying a house our the turmoil that is currently present in my district but I am not going to make excuses. If I have time to make excuses I have time to find solutions.

Moving forward I am going to channel my days at Best Buy and live by the mantra “Have fun while being the best”.


Thank you everyone for your support with everything on the blog and lets keep this train rolling!