ET Tip #2 Have Face Time

December 16, 2012

As you have read before I am a firm believer in customer service and more importantly teacher service. The next few posts will outline what tactics have worked for me to support my teachers and build a successful ET (Educational Technology) department.

When I came to Huron I made one thing very clear, I would be in the buildings and not in my office. If you are a tech coordinator you know that you can pretty much work from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

I have 4 buildings in my district so my schedule is:

  • Monday: Shawnee (grades k-2)
  • Tuesday: Woodlands (grades 3-6)
  • Wednesday: McCormick Junior High (grades 7-8)
  • Thursday: Highschool (grades 9-12)
  • Friday: Building with most helpdesk tickets / office

This schedule allows me to  be in the buildings and still continue my duties as the tech director. The only downside to this method is there are some distractions with being in the building. These distractions usually occur when teachers / staff see me and it reminds them of “that one thing that has been bothering them”.  This opportunity is awesome because I get to help them right away. These distractions do not happen that often and I feel that putting out these small fires helps prevent bigger fires.

Where I work

Usually I will work in the principals office. I feel working together in this cohesive manner builds a stronger administrative team which helps things run much smoother. Working in the same room allows us to talk about different initiatives and plans within the buildings. I will also from time to time work from a classroom or the library unless it becomes a distraction to the learning environment.

How I work

  • First and formost, Build workflows that allow you to work from ANY computer in the world.
  • I have my laptop which is connected to all district printers
  • I have several workflows established that allow me to work from any computer (Dropbox, Google Apps, Evernote)
  • My office phone is forwarded to my cell

This work style combined  has helped me develop a relationship with my staff and students that is amazing. I walk through the halls of any of my buildings and the students know me. I am also welcomed with smiles from staff (usually 🙂 ) because I have a relationship with them. This relationship with my staff makes my job much easier.

What tactics have you used to strengthen your bond with your students, staff, and administrators?