Connecting your Apple TV to Your VGA Projector (With Sound)

September 11, 2012

@llacrosse and I have been racking our brains on how to connect the Apple TV to the projector. Last year we used Apple’s HDMI to DVI cable but that did not provide sound. We also tried using some of the airplaying software that I have covered in the passed but it was very buggy. Last weekend she DM’d me with a possible solution and I am happy to report that it works pretty solid in the classroom.

The output of the Apple TV is HDMI which is a digital signal that carries sound as well as video. We sought out a device that seperates the audio and video and converts it into an analog signal so we can hook it to our projectors and sound systems in the classroom.

Parts List:

Option 1 (No external power but more $)

Kanex ATVPRO- $59.00 at Amazon or directly from their site. 

Option 2 (External power needed but cheaper)

HDMI to VGA & Audio Converter $30.00 at Amazon



You will also need a way to plug in your sound. Different adapters may be needed. If you have SMART speakers or a boombox in your room chances are you need this adapter: Mini Plug to RCA

Another option is Mini to Mini if you have speakers / stereo with an AUX in port: Mini to Mini Adapter

If you have an older audio system you may need a larger plug which you can use a 1/8 to 1/4 Adapter

Here you can see how we connected to the SMART speakers:


The device is very simple to hook up. Simply connect your VGA cable from your projector to one side along with your audio cable of choice and plug your Apple TV into the other side.