Mirror your iPad screen to your Windows PC

June 11, 2012

A few weeks ago I shared an app called Reflection that mirror’s your iPad screen onto your Mac. At that time I was un-aware of a Windows alternative. Andrew Mitchell shared an app that will project your iPad screen to your Windows computer as well as your Mac. Lets take a look at AirServer!

AirServer is an application that runs on Mac or Windows that allows you to mirror what is on your iPhone 4 or iPad (including sound) to your computer. The ability to share exactly what you are doing on your iPad makes the device much more useful in the educational setting. If you have a classroom set of iPad’s all of your students now have the interactive whiteboard in their hands.

The requirements for this application are:

  • The AirServer software
  • Mac running OS X Tiger / Leopard / Snow Leopard / Lion (Intel/PPC) or a PC running Windows 7 or Vista.
  • iPad, iPhone (3GS or later) or iPod touch (second generation or later) running the latest iOS software. Alternatively, you can use an Android device running doubleTwist+AirTwist. (Note:Mirroring is only available for iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPhone 4S.)
  • Wi-Fi connection for activation.
  • Wi-Fi or ad-hoc network for operation.

To get started with a 7 day trial you can navigate to http://www.airserverapp.com/. When you arrive at the site take a look at the downloads section on the top. Here you will find both the windows and mac versions of the software.

*Note the Windows / PC version does not have sound support available at this time.

Choose the version that you would like to download.

The software will now download onto your computer. Click on the installer and step through the installation.

When the program finishes installing, open the application via the start menu or applications folder on the Mac.

On The Device:

 Double tap on the home button. A bar will be displayed on the bottom of the iPad:

Swipe your finger from left to right on the bar and you will see a new set of buttons that looks like this:

You will see a rectangle with a triangle on it. Click on it:

You should see your computer as a device in this menu. Click on your computer. When you click on your device you will see a switch to turn on mirroring.

On your computer you should see your screen pop up on your desktop!

If you have any questions or you are having problems setting up the software please feel free to comment below or email me tj at tjhouston.com.