Apple Configurator Part II: Restoring Devices

June 12, 2012

Previously I did a post as well as a video introducing the Apple Configurator. Today we are going to walkthrough setting up the devices for the first time in a cart situation in which you do not have to activate all of the individual devices. You can think of this like “imaging” the devices.


Here is the workflow:





Step one is to configure one of the IOS Devices how you want it. This includes logging into the Appstore.


Tip: I would suggest turning on the appstore syncing of applications so when you install an app on one it goes onto all of the devices (note make sure you are following VPP guidelines):






After you have configured the device to your specifications plug in the device to your Apple Computer.

Open up Apple Configurator (if you have not downloaded it you can read more here).

You should see the number of devices connected on the top left (should be only 1).


About halfway down you should see an option for “Restore”, click on that drop down and click on the “Backup …” option:



You will now be asked which device you want to back up from. Choose the device we just setup and click “Create Backup”:

You will be know be asked where to save the backup. I save mine in my dropbox folder so if need be I always have access to the backup.


*Note:The time it takes to backup the device is dependent on how much you installed on the device.



Now that we have a backup of our device we need to transfer that to your new IOS Devices.

Connect all of your devices to the computer. This can be done via a cart like the “Charge & Sync” carts from Bretford or via USB hubs. You should see the number of devices connected in the top left corner in Apple configurator.

*Note: According to apple the device limit is 30 devices.

Next we will setup all of our configurator settings such as naming, numbering, updating and configuring our management profiles.

After you setup your naming scheme as well as your other settings click where it says “Restore” and choose the backup that you created earlier. If it does not show up click the “Other” option and navigate to where you saved it.


If you have created a profile choose it from the list, otherwise click “prepare” you will now see the devices show up with their statuses.



*Note: After all of the devices update and restore you may have to install the configurator profile, just click “Install” button on the devices.


Thats it! Now all devices will be setup and you will not have to activate them one by one!


If you have any questions feel free to email me tj@tjhouston.com