Publishing Live #Bullying Data to your website using #Google Spreadsheets

April 18, 2012

So as always I am trying to use Google Apps / Docs to automate things. I was building our bullying site today and we need to show our bullying numbers on the website according to a new house bill that was passed. I simply created a Google Spreadsheet and embeded it on the site. Here is the walkthrough on how I did it.

To get started create a new spreadsheet in Google Docs:


Now add your fields to your spreadsheet:

At this point I invited the administrators who would be putting the data into the spreadsheet by clicking “Share” in the top right corner. Enter their email addresses and make sure they have “Can Edit” permissions.

Now that the spreadsheet is created we need to create our “Embed Code” to embed on our website. To do this click File -> “Publish to the Web”

On the next screen select what Sheets you would like to publish and check the box that says re-publish when changes are made.

In the first dropdown select “HTML to embed in a page”

When you select this option the embed code will automatically be generated.

*Bonus Tip if you only want to show certain cells on the website, you can enter a range where it says all cells. For example if I only wanted to show the first 2 columns I would enter A1:A2.

Copy this code and enter into your website. Note many websites have different ways of handling HTML if you have trouble feel free to contact me and we can figure it out together.

Also if the size does not fit your website how you want it to you can change the height and width variables in the embed code.

If you have any problems or issues as always feel free to contact me!