How To: Wirelessly View Your Ipad Screen On Your Computer

April 15, 2012

About 3 weeks ago I did a post about using Apple’s new tool called “Apple Configurator”  and I received a lot of questions reguarding how I mirrored my ipad screen onto my computer screen. I thought this tool was well known but I guess not so I figured I would writeup a quick how to on how I accomplished the mirroring.

For a long time I tried several different ways of showing my iPad screen on my computer for trainings, documentation, as well as utilizing different classroom tools in a larger environment. I have tried jailbreaking, the document camera, and I even went as far as trying to install the apps on emulators. This solution is MUCH CLEANER and easier but it does cost some money. The app that I am referring to is called “Reflection” and you can download the trial here.

Note: The trial is fully functioning for 10 minutes. After that it closes.

Requirements: (Update as of June this software is also available for PC)

A Mac Computer running at least 10.6

iPad 2+ or iPhone 4S


To get started download the trial and install the software by dragging the application into your applications folder:

After you copy the application to your computer navigate to the Applications folder and click on it:

It will seem as if nothing happend except the icon showing up in the doc. That is what is suppose to happen.

Tip: I would suggest keeping this in your dock for easy access especially if you are going to use it in the classroom. You can do this my right clicking on the icon, clicking options, and then “Keep in Dock”.

Thats all you have to do on the computer end.

Now to the device, make sure your device is on the same wireless network as your computer. On your IOS device double tap the home button. You should get a little grey box where your running apps will show up.


Slide your finger from left to right until you see the play buttons for iTunes and a square with a triangle on it:

Click on the icon with the square (The one that is blue above). When you click on the icon you will be presented with devices that you can play sound to or mirror to. Your computer should be listed as an option. Simply check the box next to your computer and slide the mirroring switch to on.

You should now see your iPad screen on your computer. Is important to note that you cannot interact with the IOS device through your computer it is simply displaying the content on your screen. It is also important to note that sound will also be played wirelessly with the software. Thats it!

Let me know if you have any other questions or run into issues!