Cyber Monday April 30th 2012

April 30, 2012

So every Monday I meet with my elementary teachers and I share 5-10 resources with them that I have found or we talk about possible ideas they want to implement. I figured I would do a quick blog post recording these so they can go back and see what we went over in case they miss it.

Graph words is an online visual thesaurus that helps you understand the meaning of words an show connections to similar words. Graph Words also allows you to save an image so you can easily insert your word webs into your interactive whiteboard files.

(Note* be careful if using this infront of students live as “Adult” words can come up  in the webs)


The Smithsonian offers several resources for educators (http://www.si.edu/Educators) one of the resources they have is a “This day in History” which you can read about and see illustrations of important events that happened in history.


Searchy Pants is kid safe search engine that keeps all of the rif-raf out of search results.



I wanted to find some places where teachers could get clip-art and pictures to use in their lessons. Here are a few:






Edupics is a great resource for images as well as different “activity creators”. Make sure you take a look at the left navigation for the different creators. http://www.edupics.com/


Thats all folks!!!