Save YouTube Videos to your computer

February 20, 2012

As a presenter you learn quickly not to depend on ANYTHING at the venue you are presenting at. This is true for Internet access, computers, projectors and sometimes electricity, as per an anonymous expert. One thing I learned in Boy Scouts was “Be Prepared”. I am not suggesting you should bring a generator to your next presentation, but I am saying being as independent as possible is a good thing. Here is a way  for you to save your YouTube videos that you may use in your presentation for offline viewing.

* I will preface this article with two things. Number one, copyright is very important and you should give credit for any videos you will utilize in your presentation.  Number two, there are several sites that offer similar functionality, but in my opinion this is the easiest to remember and super easy to do.

KeepYouTube.com is a site designed to download a copy of a YouTube video for offline viewing. The reason I recommend this site over others is the simplicity of their service.

To get started simply go to the video you want to save on YouTube.com.

When it loads simply type keep before YouTube.com:

This will load your video into the service and redirect you to their website:

Here you can choose your video download options:

Choose the option that works best for your intended use.

Download the clip and save it on your computer!

It is also worthwhile to note this service can be used in the classroom if your school blocks access to YouTube or you don’t want to wait for the video to buffer, taking time away from teaching.

Is there a service you use to accomplish a similar task?  Why do you like it better?