Google Presentations meet Social Media! #Soapbox

February 8, 2012

So I can finally talk about my new App as it is now live on iTunes! This summer after attending some technology education conferences I quickly learned that a lot of information is shared via the backchannel such as Twitter. I also noticed that presenters had to minimize their presentations to bring up the back channel so people could answer questions this seemed like a very cumbersome experience. Thats where Soapbox comes into play!

When I contacted my lifetime friend Ryan Worcester and told him I had an idea for an app he welcomed the challenge. For the next several weeks and about $150.00 in Starbucks (I have the stars to prove it ) we had a finished (or so we thought) product. Every time Ryan and I would meet we would come up with new ideas for the app and ways to improve it.

Soapbox combines your Google presentation (or other web content) and your social media feed so people can ask questions and share content in real time. This is great for conferences in which you are presenting from the device connected via VGA, HDMI, or wirelessly Apple TV.

We look forward to bringing more and more features to the app. Ryan and I have both dedicated a lot of time to this project. I think the most rewarding parts has been bringing together my 2 passions, technology and education. You can find more information about Soapbox here.

Please stay tuned as we bring more and more features to “Soapbox”.

You can find Soapbox for $1.99 in the iTunes App Store: