Email to Dropbox

February 10, 2012

As you may have noticed in my previous article I am in an automation mood recently. Recently I wanted a way to send things from our copy machines to my Dropbox account. I wanted to eliminate the step in which I emailed a pdf to myself saved the attachement and then put it in my Dropbox. I have found the solution! http://www.sendtodropbox.com

 Send to Dropbox.com is a service that takes a few seconds to setup and allows you to email attachments to an address and have them show up in your Dropbox account. This can be useful for teachers who need a way to collect assignments from students easily without having to sort through email etc.


To get started head over to http://www.sendtodropbox.com and click “Connect to Dropbox”

You will be asked to login to your Dropbox. Sign in with your Dropbox account.

After you click login, Dropbox will make sure that you want the app to use your Dropbox. Click allow.

After you click allow you will be redirected back to the send to dropbox website, you will now create how you want your files named. I left mine as the default.

If the email address is to long or not catchy click the link that says “I want a different address”. After you click the link you can enter a word. ( If your using this in class maybe use your name or your class. Example: houstonmath )

When you click the button you will now see that your email address has changed.

Now when you send attachements to this address they will show up in your Dropbox attachements folder.

How could you use this in the classroom?