Adobe Education Exchange

February 21, 2012

I was recently at #oetc12 the edtech conference in Ohio and I was introduced to Adobe’s new products focusing on education. Adobe is making great strides in the education community by offering entry level certifications as well as curating content to be used in the classroom. Lets take a look at the free resource sharing site from Adobe, the Adobe Education Exchange.

To get started head over to http://edexchange.adobe.com/ and create a free Adobe.com account. After you have authenticated you will be see several different lessons on the front page from others who have shared and commented. As I browsed through the content it seemed like a pretty good balance of the different Adobe software offerings as well as several different skill levels. The site is very user friendly and Adobe has made it easy to find the resources that you need.

You can search by age level:

You can also search by product type, resource or subject area:

I think the strongest part of this service is the networking aspect of it. As an Art teacher or tech teacher you can now have direct access to others in your field. You can even earn points by sharing!

Like every other tool, it’s how you use it. I encourage you to share your lessons with the community so more and more people can benefit from your awesome teaching skills!


What do you currently use to find Adobe resources? Does this site make it easier to find content?