Add “Send PDF to Evernote” to the OS X Print dialog

February 19, 2012

As I am starting to use Evernote more and more, I wanted an easy way to save pdf’s within Evernote for things like helpdesk tickets, PO’s, and other content that I would normally print. In a previous article I wrote about adding “Send to Itunes” to the PDF section of OSX. After some research I realized it was very easy to add Evernote to the print menu.

To get started open your “Applications” folder on your hard drive and locate Evernote:

Right click on the Evernote icon and select “Make Alias”:

After you click “Make Alias” you will see a second Evernote Icon show up.

You need to drag this Icon to /Library/PDF Services:

After you drag the icon into the location you will see Evernote show up in the print dialog box:

Click Evernote in the print dialog box and Evernote will open with your PDF attached:

If you have any issues please let me know!