Add “Open terminal” at folder location in Lion

October 19, 2011

One thing that I really like about Windows XP was the ability to add a menu item when you right clicked to open a terminal window. Now in OSX 10.7 (Lion) you can enable that feature as well. This will save time when navigating to certain files in the filesystem via the terminal. Now all you have to do is right click on the folder and click “New Terminal at Folder”

This option is disabled by default in Lion. The quickest way to enable this feature is to open the “Services Preferences” pane. From any application, click the application name, and than select “Services” and than choose “Services Preferences”

The “Keyboard” preference pane will be displayed with the “Services” section highlighted:

Scroll down to the “Files and Folders” section and check the box that says ” New Terminal at Folder”

*Note: you can also enable New Terminal Tab at folder which will open the location as a tabbed similar to tabbed browsing in your internet browser.

Now when you right click on a folder, you will see the new dialog box that allows you to open a terminal window at the current location.

What cool Lion tips have you found that make your life easier?