Have Google Grade your tests for you!

August 9, 2011

Many people have talked about using Google Forms in your classroom as a way of assessment. This is especially helpful if you are going for a paperless classroom or you have a 1:1 deployment with i-Pads or mobile computers. The best part of creating your assessments in Google Forms is the ability to have the spreadsheet do all of the work for you. Lets take a look at how to have Flubaroo a script for Google spreadsheets grade your assesments for you!

The first thing we have to do is create our assessment in Google Forms. We do this by logging into our Google Docs account (if you do not have Google apps or a Gmail account you can sign up for one here) and clicking on

“Create New” and than “Form”

Screen Shot 2011 08 08 at 7 27 42 PM


Go through and setup your questions. Having troubles setting up the form? You can find a full tutorial here. Now you should have a form that looks similar to this:


Screen Shot 2011 08 08 at 7 32 15 PM


Now take the test your self with the correct answers. This is creating your digital “Answer Key”.


Assign your test to your students via email or other means. When you are ready to grade your assessment, open up the spreadsheet in your Google docs account (it will have a green square next to it).

Screen Shot 2011 08 08 at 7 38 07 PM


When you open it you will see your answers that you submitted earlier:


Screen Shot 2011 08 08 at 7 39 04 PM


In the toolbar click on “Insert” and than click on “Script”

Screen Shot 2011 08 08 at 7 41 18 PM


When you click on script you will be presented with a dialog box. On the left hand side click “Education” and than find Flubaroo and click install.


Screen Shot 2011 08 08 at 7 46 43 PM


You may get a bright red box warning you that the script is potentially harmful. Feel free to click “Authorize”

Screen Shot 2011 08 08 at 7 49 22 PM


You will now notice a new toolbar item for Flubaroo

Screen Shot 2011 08 08 at 7 51 36 PM


When you are ready to grade the assignment click “Flubaroo” and than click “Grade Assignment”. Flubaroo will start working and you will see a box show up that allows you to enter weights for the different questions as well as an option to skip certain questions and identify the student if you have a name field.

i.e. Extended response questions that you will go back and grade.



Screen Shot 2011 08 08 at 7 53 48 PM


The next screen that shows up will be a place where you can select which responses are the answer key.

Screen Shot 2011 08 08 at 7 55 23 PM

Choose the answers that you inserted earlier.


Flubaroo will work some more and you will get a confirmation that everything has been graded. When Flubaroo is complete you will see another sheet has been placed on your workbook called “Grades”. The grades sheet will have all of your students grades as well as the questions they missed.



If you navigate to the top toolbar where Flubaroo was earlier and there is now other features that are available:


Screen Shot 2011 08 08 at 7 58 59 PM

If you are a Google Apps school you can *email the grades to the student.

*Note if you want to email grades to students you have to have a place on the form where the student enters their email address.

Screen Shot 2011 08 08 at 8 02 38 PM


You also have the option to “Re-grade” the assignment if someone turns it in late or you mess up (we don’t do that right 🙂 )

The last feature is the ability to see a visual breakdown of the assessment results:


Screen Shot 2011 08 08 at 8 03 20 PM