Free Autocad resources that are actually fun!

August 17, 2011

Career paths are the constant buzz in high schools all over the world. We expect our students to know what they want to do right when they get to high school. Here is a resource that you can use to give students a taste of Autocad for free or use to supplement your own curriculum.

While at ISTE 2011 I stopped by the Autodesk booth and I learned a lot. It was not a sales pitch as much as it was a partnership in success discussion. I had no idea the free curriculum and classroom resources that they have available. Not to mention free versions of their CAD software.

Digital STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. The curriculum on the site walks through all of these subjects at different difficulties. The simulations offer real life challenges that really showcase project based learning. If you are already participating in an Autocad class or a project lead the way project this would be a great supplement for you and your students.

Here are 10 reasons to use the workshop in your classroom (from Autodesk steam material)

  1. It’s fun and engaging for students and teachers
  2. It’t easy to implement
  3. It’s relevant and project based
  4. It provides a foundation for design
  5. It builds difficulty
  6. It maps to academic standards
  7. It supports the Autodesk Vertified User program
  8. It reinforces soft skills needed in the work force.
  9. Students learn to use the same software as professionals
  10. Did I mention it is all free?

For the curriculum check out: autodesk.com/digitalsteam

For the software check out: http://students.autodesk.com/