Access / Backup your Google Docs via FTP

August 10, 2011

This weekend while cranking out code for a new application scott and I are working on, I discovered a new way to access my google docs. Within Cyberduck there is an option for remote access of users google docs, after further exploring it I found that you can pull your Google Docs from your online account onto your local machine.

Lets take a look on how to add your account.


Below you can see I have both my Gmail google docs as well as my Google Docs for Edu.


To setup your google docs access, download Cyberduck from their website.

Open cyberduck and click on the add bookmark + sign.


Click the drop down arrow.


Choose Google Docs


Give your bookmark a nickname and input your gmail address then close the dialog box.


Next you will be prompted to enter your password, after you do click “login”.


Success! You will now see all of your documents, spreadsheets, presentations and your folders.



You also have the option to enable OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which will turn text in pictures into readable text.

















This tutorial was mac based but cyberduck does have a Windows Client that is now in public beta. You can download the beta here.

This may help when students or teachers leave and they want to take their documents with them!