Creating an Epub in iWork

July 20, 2011

Earlier I shared a resource for creating an Epub from any website. What about creating your own lab manual, children’s book, or even have your students create projects and have them available in iBooks? Or, consider the benefit of having books read out loud to a special needs student. Today we will do just that and dive into “Creating ePubs with iWork.”

To get started, create your document. Use the format that you are comfortable with and use as many pictures and text as you need in the program Pages.

When you are done creating your document, we need to export it into the native ePub format. To do this, click file, and then export…


After you click export, you will be given different ways to save your document. Select the option for ePub.


Next we will input all of the information about our Epub.


Enter the title of your ePub and the Author. Then, select the button that says “Use the first page as book cover image.”

When you have all of your information entered into the preferences, click “Next”

You will now presented with a save dialog box:


Choose where you want to save your ePub.

*Note: remember this location. We will need to know where it is saved to add it to iTunes.

After it is saved, open iTunes. Now is the easy part, drag the ePub into your library (hover over books) as shown.


Now, the next time you sync your device, your ePub will show up in your library!

How can you use ePubs in the classroom?