Apple opens a “Teachers” section on iTunes Appstore

July 5, 2011

While reading through my tweets I noticed that Apple announced a “Teachers Section” on the Appstore. Some of the showcased apps include Wunderlist HD, Doceri Remote, Brainpop, Garage Band etc. You can browse the selections by navigating here.

The applications are organized in these categories:

  • Classroom Tasks
  • Curricula Support
  • Instructional Tools
  • Personal Organization
  • Reference
I think it is great that Apple is recognizing how much we are using these tools in education and they are making it much easier for teachers who are new to the ipad to get started. I don’t see any other tablet manufactures doing this for education.
Update: Also while browsing the appstore it looks like they have a “summer learning for kids” category as well. You can access that here