By far the Best iPad browser for EDU

June 29, 2011

While writing my previous article about DotEpub I stumbled upon the best web browser I have seen so far on IOS. Yes even better than Diigo’s Ichromy which I praised in a previous article. I am SUPER psyched about iCab because of all of the features that will help me as an administrator, a teacher, as well as my personal musings.

Icab was recently released into the App Store. If you read my previous post on iChromy this has all of those features (tabbed browsing, save bookmarks to other services, and share to social network features) plus about 50 other cool plugins. Even better is the fact that it not only works on the iPad but it also works on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Only downside? it cost $1.99, that being said I would pay at least $10 for the functionality. Lets take a look at the features.

At first glance you can see that it has tabbed browsing which if you do not have IOS 5 yet Mobile safari does not offer this. The interface is similar to what you are used to seeing in a web browser, you have access to a bookmark bar, access to downloads, and your search bar. Now for the new features!

First up is gestures. We are used to moving all around the iPad with just the swipe of the hand. Why not browse the web the same way? What is really nice is the “Shake to full screen” option. This puts the browser in full screen mode which is great for reading and utilizing the screen real-estate.

Next up is the several “General” options you can set. As you can see from the screenshot, you have very granular settings in which you can configure your web browser however you like. Also whats nice is the option for private browsing. Private browsing allows you navigate to sites without saving your information on the device (great for banking sites).


Next is the “Share” feature which we are used to seeing on the IOS platform (it’s the little square with the arrow on the corner) when you click on this button you are presented with several unique options. At first glance you will see some normal options like email link, save to bookmarks, copy address. Click on the more options and you will be presented with the option to take a screenshot and save it to the device, Dropbox, or copy it to the clipboard. All right from the browser!



Now comes THE BEST PART OF THIS APPLICATION. The modules. The modules allow you to take the data that you are looking at and put it anywhere you can think of. Here is a list of places that you can send the website to:

Airplay (Send what you are viewing on your iPad/iPod touch to an Apple TV)
Built in calculator
Clip Converter
Google Reader
Google Maps
Read it later
Twitter Clients
and several more

There are 2 pages of modules that you can enable.
*Note you do not have to use all of the modules, you can enable / disable the ones that you would like.


Like I mentioned doEpub and converting web pages to ePub’s, now there is the plugin built into the browser that allows you to do this. You find the website you want, you click “convert to ePub” and the epub will now be in iBooks:


Here is an example of the Epub that is created:


I can’t put into words how excited I am for this application. This is a MUST download for anyone that has an iPad. This is by far worth every dollar!

What iPad browser do you use?