Apple TV in Education

June 22, 2011

This was just a thought on my way to Iste 2011 in Philly… Lets take a step back and think about how we use the interactive white board. We use it to write down our notes and save them for students to use later. We mark up worksheets, sometimes we have students engage and have them solve equations or find the pronoun in the sentence. What if every student had the whiteboard in there hand and with a click of a button they are now sharing what they are working on to everyone in the classroom.

With the press results as of late with the new operating system coming to the Ipads, I am envisioning a lot of cool possibilities in education. Think about the average cost of an interactive whiteboard they can range from $0 (DIY) up to $3,000+.

Enter the Apple TV. Apple Tv costs $99 and it allows you (when IOS 5 comes out) use airplay to mirror what is on your Ipad to the Apple TV. Now the teacher is free to roam around the classroom not tied to a computer.

This extends even further than just a “Drawing Pad” imagine no longer having to buy frogs for dissection by using the “Frog Dissection” app. Or take a trip into “The Solar System” and see how the planets are compiled all from your classroom and for a fraction of the cost.

With the apps that are available to us in the Appstore the possibilities are endless. From the Ted talks to the several math applications we

Again the software is still in Beta so we do not know what Apple has in store.

Here is the presentation that I did for Teach Meet Nashville about the Apple TV in EDU.

For more information Fraser Speirs talks about the subject more in depth at his blog : speirs.org.