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Multiple Gmail Accounts in One Browser… No logoff required.

February 25, 2011

A little back history on this subject, like a lot of people I have multiple  Gmail accounts that I actively use, my personal, my work (K12) and my college account. Up until now I have had to log out of one to login to the other which becomes a pain. Up until this point I had no idea you could stay signed into multiple accounts. Not to mention its easy to setup.

To get started login to your Google account here.

Next click on the “sprocket” link at the top of the browser, and click on “Account settings”:

Click on the “Edit” button under Multiple sign-in section:

Check the “On” button and check all of the boxes. When your done click save.

You may now have to logout of all of your accounts and log back in. Now at the top of your gmail account click on your name. You will now see options to add your other Google Docs accounts.

This has already saved me so much time just by being able to click on my name and switch to my other account. My gmail and gdocs switch instantly.