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Edu Tool Spotlight: Tagxedo

February 18, 2011

Many teachers are starting to use Woordle’s in their classrooms. Today I found a tool that lets you take the Woordles that you already are creating and turn them into images that deal with the subject and content area. The best part, ITS FREE!

To get started head over to

You can add your website or blog URL, a Twitter Feed, a url, News, Search Term,  RSS feed as well as your own words.

You can choose an image that they already have such as a heart, a flower, a cloud, a giraffe, etc.

How can we use this in the classroom? (these suggestions also apply to Wordle they just look cooler)

  • Enter words (vocabulary) into Tagxedo and create an image that might appear in a book/topic that you are working on in class.
  • Because of the way the Tagxedo images work, the more times you enter a word the larger it is on the finished product, copy a whole paragraph of text or story and discuss why the larger words were used
  • First week of class, have your students create a Tagxedo about themselves and present it
  • Kids create gifts for parents, grandparents, teachers 🙂 describing the person
  • Create a Tagxedo around a holiday (Veterans Day, Presidents Day, MLK Day) with words that describe the person or holiday
  • Create an image of a Historical Character / Author with words that describe them
  • Paste student writing into Tagxedo and see what words are used the most. This will help to get rid of the “and then’s” in students writing
  • Paste speeches (Gettysburg and MLK) and study and discuss the large words and why they were used. What  point was the speaker trying to get across?

If you have any other ideas feel free to leave them in the comments section.

*FYI you do need Microsoft’s Silverlight which you can find and install here.