Perfect Sunset Portraits

The highlight of the wedding day for me is capturing beautiful sunset shots for the bride and groom. These photos are an especially great way to end your album and they are also the perfect image to share instantly on social media to create buzz.  I wanted to share my recipe to get perfect sunset shots everytime you go out.  It took me a while to perfect this method but I have broken it down to 3 easy steps below. 

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Lensbaby Velvet 85 f1.8 first impressions with example images

I was fortunate to shoot with the all-new Lensbaby Velvet 85 F1.8 that was released a few hours ago. As many of you know I love the Lensbaby lineup especially the Velvet line. I have to tell you the all new velvet 85 is no slouch. The build quality is amazing, the lens is sharp when you need it and dreamy when you want it. A number of looks that you can get from this lens makes it one of the most versatile pieces in my bag. Below are some shots that I took this week during a photo walk and around the area.

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