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Creating an Epub in iWork

Earlier I shared a resource for creating an Epub from any website. What about creating your own lab manual, children’s book, or even have your students create projects and have them available in iBooks? Or, consider the benefit of having books read out loud to a special needs student. Today we will do just that …

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Apple Education Spotlight Newsletter

Today @jdhovinetz2  shared with me something I have never seen from Apple. It seems Apple is making it easier for us to stay up to date for all of the educational tools they have available. You can find the web edition here:

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Cool App To Share Your Favorite Ipad Apps

Today while browsing @tonyvincent ‘s blog I noticed a cool tool that he was using to share his favorite IOS apps. Appsfire is a place for you to create a list of your favorite apps as well as find other apps that you may like. Appsfire also allows you to “Follow” a search term for …

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Google’s What do you love?

While reading through some tweets I noticed a project that Google is working on called What do You Love? it can be found at To test it out I typed in “Thomas Edison” and I was presented with all of Google’s services with the relevant content.

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20 Apps in 20 Minutes.

In this webinar we (@llacrosse and I) will overview 20 apps in 20 minutes. These are the apps that were used in the classroom and found to be effective supplements to the curriculum. They were used with 5th grade science students while working with ipads for an entire school year.

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