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Cyber Monday March 12 2012

So every Monday I meet with my elementary teachers and I share 5-10 resources with them that I have found or we talk about possible ideas they want to implement. I figured I would do a quick blog post recording these so they can go back and see what we went over in case they …

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How To Tech

Do you have an ET or IT department?

I think its time we torch our current IT departments. That is a very scary statement for someone who is by title the Director of IT at a school district. But I do not lose sleep at night because I see myself as a director of ET! I look around at the current models of …

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How To Subjects Tech

Using Apple TV as Digital Signage

When I was at a conference a few weeks ago I saw a very novel idea, the venue where the conference was being held was using Apple TV’s as digital signage for their building. It looked great and it was cheap! Below you will find a guide on the workflow I use as well as …

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Free Tech

Free Autocad resources that are actually fun!

Career paths are the constant buzz in high schools all over the world. We expect our students to know what they want to do right when they get to high school. Here is a resource that you can use to give students a taste of Autocad for free or use to supplement your own curriculum.

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IOS Science Subjects Tools

20 Apps in 20 Minutes.

In this webinar we (@llacrosse and I) will overview 20 apps in 20 minutes. These are the apps that were used in the classroom and found to be effective supplements to the curriculum. They were used with 5th grade science students while working with ipads for an entire school year.

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