Video Interview with Charles Maring

Last week I jumped on Google Hangouts with my friend Charles Maring. This was my first time using hangouts in this way so I am sorry you have to stare at my face while he is talking 🙂

During this interview, Charles and I talk about his approach to lighting as well as where he finds inspiration. Below you will find information about Charles and his wife as well as where to find them online!

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Exploring the Ringlight

As a way to share different lighting styles I am learning, I wanted to start a new category called “How I got the shot”. My goal is to share how I lit the shot, with diagrams so you can recreate the image if you like it! As always if you have questions or need 1 on 1 help please feel free to reach out in the comments or via email!

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Video: Profoto A1 Unboxing

In this video I unbox the all new Profoto A1! All I can say is wow, the build quality on this thing is second to none and it is by far the EASIEST strobe/flash to navigate. Checkout the video below!