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Review: PhotoVia, take your workflow on the road!

OnOne is a software development company that focuses on improving your life as a photographer. They have a great suite of tools for Mac & PC  and they are constantly making better and faster improvements. As I was checking out the new version of the On1 Photo 10 I stumbled upon their mobile app section and downloaded their Photovia app. What a time saver! Think of lightroom mobile but better. Continue reading to see how I shaved a ton of time off of my workflow.

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Control Lightroom sliders from your iPad


For the past few years I have been looking at solutions like RPG keys or programming MIDI controllers to control Lightroom in hopes of saving a few minutes when post processing images. I have been un-successful due to the complexity or cost. As I was searching around today for solutions I found an iPad driven model named LRPad. Below I will take you through some of the features and see how it can fit into your workflow!

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Change the #Lightroom CC Splash Screen to match your brand!


Myself and many other photographers utilize Lightroom CC as their method of previewing and ordering photos with clients. I will go more in depth in how I utilize lightroom in all aspects of my workflow in another post. Today I wanted to share how you can customize the splash screen for Lightroom  so they match your brand!

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