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Share your lunch menu with a QR Code!

Recently my food service director went to a meeting and they started discussing QR Codes as an easy way to share  the lunch menu. We are having small magnets printed with the QR code so students can have them in their lockers so they can instantly see what is for lunch. 

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Goals: 2013

Our Superintendant asked us to create goals and last week we had a follow up meeting. I figured I would share the memo that sums up what we are doing. 

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RIP Google Reader, Now What?

Yesterday Google announced that it will be shutting down Google reader as of July 1st 2013. I used Google Reader to keep track and follow all of my favorite blogs online I also used it to archive my content via IFTTT and Diigo. Although I am a little upset about Google’s decision I realize that they …

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