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Guest Post: Use @edshelf to Sift Through the Overwhelming Number of Technology for Teachers

Have you ever looked through the education category of the iTunes App Store and felt both overwhelmed with all the choices and underwhelmed with those same choices? That’s how I’ve felt. Many teachers have told us the same thing too. That is one of the main frustrations we at edshelf set out to solve.

RIP Google Reader, Now What?

Yesterday Google announced that it will be shutting down Google reader as of July 1st 2013. I used Google Reader to keep track and follow all of my favorite blogs online I also used it to archive my content via IFTTT and Diigo. Although I am a little upset about Google’s decision I realize that they were providing a free service and beggars cant be choosers. Below I walk you through how to export your Google Reader subscriptions and add them to Netvibes as well as getting started with Feedly which is an online magazine style RSS reader.

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