9/20/19: Topsy Turvey

Can you say close call? They did such a great time choreographing their routine that was filled with death defying stunts just like this one. Shot with the Lumix G9 with the Leica 100-400. The perfect combo for airshow photography.

9/19/19: Come Fly With Me

Until I started working at Panasonic, I never went to any airshows nor did I ever photograph planes. Man was I missing out. The intensity and power is amazing and it is a blast to shoot. The tracking on the G9 did a great job keeping these bad boys in focus.

9/17/19: Dawn’s early light

This year I have been traveling a lot but sometimes I make time to be a tourist in own area. This day I went back to my old stomping grounds for sunrise. Shot with the Lumix GX8.

9/16/19: Leaving

I’m leaving, on a jet plane. I don’t know when I’ll be back again. Shot with the Lumix GX8. Oldy but a goody.

9/15/19: Treasures in the woods

I stumbled upon this gem while exploring St. Joseph Michigan. About 50-70 pre 1970’s vehicles were pushed over a cliff to stop the erosion from lake Michigan. Most of those vehicles are still in the hillside.

9/14/19: Delivery in Lower Wacker

Many people don’t know but there are two levels below the city in Chicago. They are lower Wacker and lower lower Wacker. Here we see a pedicab making his way through the tunnels late at night.

9/12/19: Chicago Skyline After Dark

Looking back to last summer, this trip was by far one of the biggest highlights. It started off in Michigan for a few days and then onto Chicago. On this night we were out until almost 2 in the morning just driving around the city looking for unique perspectives. Shot with the Lumix GX85