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Getting Started With Mylio: 2019 Edition

So for the last few months, I have been in search of an improved workflow for my photography. After long debate, it is time to move on from our Adobe overlords. This is the first video of many that I am planning to talk through my new workflow for 2019. It may not be for everyone but Mylio was the missing glue that I needed to tie everything together. Below is a video that takes you through how I setup Mylio to take care of the heavy lifting.

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Embassy Suites Livonia, Review

Free drinks, roomy suites and delicious breakfast make this hotel a no brainer for the road warriors out there. Recently while doing a training in the Detroit area, I visited this hotel and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the rooms and the cleanliness of the hotel. I will definitely be back to the Embassy Suites Detroit!

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Perfect Sunset Portraits

The highlight of the wedding day for me is capturing beautiful sunset shots for the bride and groom. These photos are an especially great way to end your album and they are also the perfect image to share instantly on social media to create buzz.  I wanted to share my recipe to get perfect sunset shots everytime you go out.  It took me a while to perfect this method but I have broken it down to 3 easy steps below. 

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Low Carb Pizza Crust Recipe (Fat Head Dough)

My wife and I LOVE pizza, any kind of pizza, thin crust, thick crust, no crust it doesn’t matter as long as it is in the pizza family. With the exception of a few cheat days, this love for pizza has been temporarily put on hold for the last 3 months as we have been cutting carbs. Until tonight. We finally found a delicious recipe that is low carb and is reminiscent of the past when we used to devour an entire pie in 1 evening. Read on if you want to cut carbs while nom’ing on some pizza! 

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Exploring the Ringlight

As a way to share different lighting styles I am learning, I wanted to start a new category called “How I got the shot”. My goal is to share how I lit the shot, with diagrams so you can recreate the image if you like it! As always if you have questions or need 1 on 1 help please feel free to reach out in the comments or via email!

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4 reasons you should invest in a C-stand

There are certain things in photography that are worth the investment and c-stands are very high on that list. When you are first starting out in your photography career you may be tempted to buy cheap stands to get you started. Take it from someone who has gone through about 15 cheap stands, it isn’t worth it. Here are my top 4 reasons why you should invest in a good quality c-stand.

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