10/1/19: On the move

It seems like these days I see more of the airport then my own house. Again, my 16×9 phase 🙂

Getting Started With Mylio: 2019 Edition

So for the last few months, I have been in search of an improved workflow for my photography. After long debate, it is time to move on from our Adobe overlords. This is the first video of many that I am planning to talk through my new workflow for 2019. It may not be for everyone but Mylio was the missing glue that I needed to tie everything together. Below is a video that takes you through how I setup Mylio to take care of the heavy lifting.

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9/30/19: En Pointe

Much like my last photo, I was looking for something a little different, something that others didn’t have. I decided to go low and just capture the dancers shoes when they went into the En Pointe position.

9/29/19: Dance Like No One Is Watching

Many of the other photographers were capturing these wonderful dancers from the front of the stage. I wanted something a bit different so I went to the back and shot into the light.

9/28/19: Got him!

During the rodeo, there were several skillfull cowboys that showed off different techniques used on the ranch. Here we have a roper lassoing a calf while it runs around the arena. Shot with the Lumix G9.

9/27/19: 8 Second Ride

There are a lot of things I love about this image. The dust, the timing, the crowds faces. All of this comes together to tell the story of this 8 second ride. Shot with the Lumix G9.

9/26/19: FIREBALL

Another shot from a training last year. For this shot, I used exposure compensation to get the lighting just right in his face and the rim light around his hat and neck. Shot with the Lumix G9 if I remember correctly 🙂

9/25/19: Outta Here!

This shot was from a training I was part of last year and yes that is a cowboy jumping from one horse to the other. Captured with the Lumix G9 and edited in On1.

9/24/19: Staying in character

This week I am in San Antonio for a full week of teaching and training! This photo was from a few years ago in Colorado Springs. Excited for tommorow when we get to photograph out in an old ghost town. This image was one of the actresses that had no problem staying in character the whole time we were shooting.

9/23/19: The Wild Blue Yonder.

So much speed and power. Always fun to watch these guys speeding across the open sky’s. Shot with the Lumix G9 and Leica 100-400.