Author: Tj Houston

Video Interview with Charles Maring

Last week I jumped on Google Hangouts with my friend Charles Maring. This was my first time using hangouts in this way so I am sorry you have to stare at my face while he is talking 🙂

During this interview, Charles and I talk about his approach to lighting as well as where he finds inspiration. Below you will find information about Charles and his wife as well as where to find them online!

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4 reasons you should invest in a C-stand

There are certain things in photography that are worth the investment and c-stands are very high on that list. When you are first starting out in your photography career you may be tempted to buy cheap stands to get you started. Take it from someone who has gone through about 15 cheap stands, it isn’t worth it. Here are my top 4 reasons why you should invest in a good quality c-stand.

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Lighting Challenge: Depart Your Comfort Zone

As photographers, we should always be looking at ways to get out of our comfort zone in order to grow. You can achieve this by shooting outside of your niche, going to a play or taking part in an event you normally wouldn’t go to. A less traditional approach, and one that I attempted this weekend was asking strangers to take their portraits.

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