Quick Review: Instant Apple iBooks How-to


There has been many times when a tool comes out and the only documentation on the subject is found on blogposts and Youtube videos. This is a great way to learn but sometimes its best to have a nice concise go to resource that will help step through everything with you. The book Instant Apple iBooks is just that.

This book was a relatively short read. For the price you really cannot go wrong. At the time of this post you can purchase the book for $2.54. This book steps you through not only how to consume iBooks but also how to create them. This is a great resource for educators and administrators as a one stop shop to learn the ins and outs of iBooks.

Here is the table of contents outlining what the book has to offer:

  • Preface
  • Instant Apple iBooks How-to
  • Preface
  • Up
  • Instant Apple iBooks How-to
  • Downloading iBooks from the iTunes store (Must know)
  • Browsing and shopping books from the iBookstore (Should know)
  • Using reading tools (Should know)
  • Making and managing Collections (Should know)
  • Adding PDFs to the iBooks library (Should know)
  • Publishing your own books with iBooks Author (Should know)
  • Exploring iBooks Author templates (Should know)
  • Building a London travel guide with iBooks Author (Become an expert)
  • Adding HTML widgets and 3D models to your books (Become an expert)
  • Troubleshooting common errors (Must know)

I highly reccomend this to both the novice and pro as a quick reference. For someone like myself who has never really dove into iBooks author this was a great resource.

You can find this book at: http://link.packtpub.com/irY6CN

TJ Houston

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